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MV Dannok Baptist Church

Rev. Nipon & his wife Kanyanat, who were serving in the Thai ministry at Langkawi was called to serve the Lord in Dannok, border town of Thailand and Malaysia. Rev. Nipon & his wife started a church there in year 2014 with just 5 persons. The church has grown to about 40-50 people and about 30 children. God has brought children who are abandoned by their parents or single mothers who are involved in the flesh trade in Dannok. There are many street kids in Dannok . We would round them up every Sunday  and bring them to church .   Rev. Nipon & his wife  reaches out with love to them with physical & spiritual food. At times  and would bring these children for outings. Indeed this means so much to these children who does not know their biological parents and does not care about them , mostly working in the nightclubs there
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Ministries update

Mission Ventures Thailand would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate MVI (Missionary Ventures International )  and MVA ( Missionary Ventures Australia )
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food packages


Ministry in MV Satun, ThailandWe are putting in efforts to Raise funds to build a new toilet for Mr. Dam, who is our church member in MV Satun Baptist Church.

build a new toilet for Mr.Dam


Blessing poor families Ministry in MV Satun,ThailandPraise God ! we are able to help this sister who is a widow. Her son, Mai plays guitar during worship &  the older son is blind. 
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Helped to repair the roof poor families



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