MV Dannok Baptist Church , Songkhla 
 Province , Southern Thailand

                                                               Rev. Nipon Phaengtan & family

Ps. Nipon  Phaengtan Married to Kanyanat  They have a 2 years baby girl .He attended the Northeastern  graduated with  a Bachelor of Theology  
He served as a Thai pastor in Langkawi for 2 years from 2011 to 2012. Subsequently, he moved to Dannok, Thailand and started a church there in year 2014.

Ministry information.
 Ps. Nipon & his wife Kanyanat, who were serving in the Thai ministry at Langkawi was called to serve the Lord in Dannok in year 2014.
Ps.Nipon has been serving as a pastor in Dannok Baptist Church since year 2014.Since he started with just 5 persons ,
the church
has grown to about 35 - 45 people and about 30 -35  children every week. God has brought children who are abandoned by their parents
or single mothers 
who are involvedin the flesh trade in Dannok 
MV Dannok Baptist Church has been established 5 years ago. There are about 40 adults
and children that attends Sunday service regularly. 
Most members are employees in a restaurant or daily contract workers.



 The church are reaching out to neglected children from broken homes and ladies who works in the night life. Some ministries of this church providing
lunch for the poor and neglected children every Sunday.


  Blessing the poor families in Dannok with foodstuff andsecond hand clothings especially milk powder to single mother who have babies.

Please pray for :
1) Dannok Church to have its own land for church sanctuary and a building that will be used as a home for orphans,children from broken families, parents who are   under drug addiction and some parents who are sentenced to imprisonment for a period 



2) Church van to be used for children ministry, outreach to surrounding areas and to transport mission teams.