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"Please continue to pray for Famllies in these situations..." 

We are putting in efforts to Raise funds to build a new toilet for Mr. Dam, who is our church member in MV Satun Baptist Church. The toilet is on the verge of collapsing. The problem is compounded by the fact that it is located by the seaside near a mangrove swamp and during high tide, his toilet would be flooded. The flooding causes the toilet floor to be wet and slippery, causing him to fall down on a few occasions. Under the circumstances, we are appealing to the generosity of Christian brothers and sisters to help our brother with funds to build a new and safer toilet for Mr. Dam and his family. His son is mentally challenged and is under medication for his mental condition.

  This is what 'Love in Action' gives us! 

act-mvsbc-toilet2.jpg     act-mvsbc-toilet4.jpg


act-mvsbc-toilet9a.jpg     act-mvsbc-toilet10a.png


Praise God! The toilet for this brother was completed.

Thank you so much for your support and contribution.

 "Our Lord Jesus, continue to find famillies like this that need action..."


Blessing needs with
Ministering to families

 MV Satun, Southern Thailand

mvsbc-logo04c.pngPraise God! We were able to help this sister who is a widow. Her son, Mai plays guitar during worship and the older son is blind.

We helped to repair her roof which was leaking, change her toilet bowl, fix new lanolin and gave a love gift for the older son eye treatment at the hospital.

act-mvsbc-roof1.jpg   act-mvsbc-floor2.png

We went to her house to pray for her son. 

Later she came to church and gave thanks to God and the church for helping her.

 "All the Glory to God for answered prayer for famillies..." 


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