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These 3 siblings (Namfon,12 year old girl) have to walk a total of 6 km daily in order to attend school. Their parents work in an oil palm plantation and have to leave for work early in the morning. Their mother needs to support the family alone because her husband is a drunkard and sometimes on drugs. Sometimes if they have a packet of instant noodles, Namfon will prepare this for breakfast (3 siblings sharing 1 packet of instant noodles). If there is none, they will have to go to school without breakfast. After breakfast, 3 out of the 4 siblings walk to school, leaving the youngest child alone at home. Sometimes, Namfon is not able to go school because she needs to take care of her little sister. Their mother will come back earlier from work to look after the youngest child. They live in a rundown dwelling without electricity and piped water in the oil palm estate where their parents work. They have to depend on water drawn from a well and use an oil lamp for lighting. 

  The Lives of 4 precious children in need 

Ps.Som Keat from MV Lam Thap Baptist Church will order a packet of glutinous rice with chicken for them.  Namfon will collect it on the way to school daily.
We would like to thank and appreciate those who have sponsored their breakfast. (0.71USD daily for 3 persons breakfast) We need further sponsorship for their breakfast in the future. Thank you & God bless.

Namfon in Church


"Please continue to pray for Famllies in these situations..."  

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