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For those students and infants in Need in the Community

Praise God, we are able to support over 50 needy students from MV churches around Thailand to purchase uniforms and other school accessories for their school opening this year.

The students are very thankful and happy to receive their new uniform, shoes or bags when they start school soon. We pray God will continue to provide us the funds so that we can continue to support these students again on a regular basis. 

 "We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to... 

 Baan Nokkamin Foundation, Maana Social Enterprise 
 Christian Volunteer Association, FGAC Langkawi 
 Trinity Baptist Church Alor Setar 

 ...for the financial and prayer support to help the students." 

For those Mothers and infants in Need in the Community

MVT would like to give thanks to God that we are able to bless the needy mothers in Dannok with milk powder and diapers for their child during this difficult time. We would like to say thank you to all who donated the milk powder, diapers and funds. Praise the Lord!



  "Please continue to pray for all these precious souls" 

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