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 MV Dannok Baptist Church 

 Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand 

 Rev. Nipon Paengtun and family

Introducing Rev. Nipon & his wife Kanyanat, who were orginally serving with the Thai ministry on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.  Rev. Nipon and family were called to serve the Lord in Dannok, a border town in Thailand near Malaysia. Rev. Nipon & his wife started a church there in year 2014 with just 5 believers.

MV Dannok Baptist Church has grown to around 50 committed believers, with about 30 children over this time. God has blessed the ministry bringing children who are either abandoned by their parents or single mothers who are involved in the flesh trade. There are many street kids that have been forgotten or been abandoned in Dannok roaming the streets without suitable shelter or a proper family environment.

We would gather them up every Sunday and bring them to church to be together.   Rev. Nipon and his wife and the church family reach out with love, providing them with both physical & spiritual food, taking the opportunity to be part of the family.

At times we organise special outings for these children. Indeed we see that this means so much to them who often do not know their biological parents and have not had the benefit of someone caring and loving them as they are.  Many of them work in the nightclubs there or try to survive on the streets each day.

At the moment, we do not have a Christian children’s home in South Thailand to shelter and protect these precious children with house parents and amenities.  Its our vision and prayer that the Lord will provide us with the finances to build a church sanctuary and a place/home to house these children in Dannok township.

Rev. Nipon also has on his heart to reach out to the women and young girls in the sex trade.  Some have already received Christ and turned away from their previous profession. Our goal is to provide a training program and safe environment for these women to earn practical skillsets and be more self-reliant with other professions such as hair styling, cooking, home economics, office or retail work etc. Our goal is to help them find productive work or source of income to be better equipped as homemakers. So they are able to sustain themselves and take care of their own children more effectively (sometimes this is where the street children come from). The ongoing issues with “street kids” could be potentially resolved by addressing these two important areas.  


  MV Dannok Baptist Church has been given a new location...  

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  Please continue to pray for:  

   Southern Thailand Baptist Churches pastor's prayer gathering  
 MV Dannok church was the host this morning for this once a month pastors and leaders prayer gathering. In total, there are 14 Baptist churches in Southern Thailand. The leaders also went to pray for the new sanctuary. "Praise the Lord!" 
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 Please continue to pray for:  

Dannok Church is reaching out to our neglected children from broken homes and ladies who works in the night life.  Ministries we have running at present in our church are providing lunch and companionship for these children every Sunday.

  Life of Fun Food and Fellowship in MV Dannok Church  
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 Please continue to pray for: 

Blessing families with needs in Dannok with foodstuffs and second-hand clothing, especially milk powder and rice to single mothers who have babies.


 Life with MV Dannok Church Blessing Famillies 

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 Please continue to pray for:

1) Dannok Church will have its own land for the church sanctuary and a place that will become a home for orphans, children from broken families, parents who are under drug addiction and some parents who are sentenced to imprisonment for a period.


 MV Dannok Baptist Church Home 
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 Please continue to pray for:

2) The Church van to be used for children's ministry, outreach to surrounding areas and to transport mission teams.



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