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MVT Little Seeds Ministry

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Welcome to MVT Little Seeds Ministry

Prayer Points to note:

  • Continue to pray that all the Little Seeds children that come here will be impacted by the love of Christ and that they will seek and follow Him.
  • Praise and thank God, the Little Seeds Community Centre is now able to resume.
  • The free English tuition classes will continue and draw the children to Himself.
  • Praise God! This centre has now a permit under Christian Volunteer Association(CVA) to operate as a community centre doing value social work for the Dannok community.
  • Pray that through this place, these neglected children will experience the love of Jesus Christ, listen to Bible stories, learn to read and write together.
  • Prayer for the team that will be ministering to these precious children and God’s provision upon this place.

MVT Little Seeds Ministry family

“Our hope in Jesus is to Involve and Inspire
 people to Impact their communities for Christ” 

MVT asks for continued prayer for these tasks…

The gospel will be actively shared with people that need to hear in our local community

God’s provision to pay monthly rental of church building and provision for needs and resources for the community.

Youth and children ministries Venues for sports and learning facilities.

Meeting the needs and blessing families.
Caring for mothers with infants in the community.

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