MV Lam Thap Church

Krabi Province,
Southern Thailand

Pastor Somkiat Kaewjur
Sister Sirinthan Kaewjua …and the family

It was amazing how the Lord led us to MV Lam Thap Church to meet a group of people that hunger and thirst for The Lord Jesus Christ.

Lam Thap community, is a small town which is 100 km away from Krabi.  We did not even know this place existed before the Lord showed us. There are now about 25 adult and children who worship here.
Most members are employees in the rubber plantation and vegetable sellers in the market.

MV Lam Thap Church Lending a helping hand where there are needs

We would like to thank God for Pastor Som Keat and family who are constantly reaching out to the people of Lam Thap community with the love of Christ.

Praise God! …Helping some families who are tested C19 positive or had close contact by blessing them with foodstuffs.

MV Lam Thap Church Direction and Goals for 2022

  • Doing ministry with online services and video meetings in the church
  • Teach music to believers and new believers
  • Sports ministry with the youth
  • Scholarships and tuition offered to children and youth
  • Evangelism to the youth in the community
  • Minister help to the poor families and needy
  • Setting up a prayer group, prayer altars
  • Discipleship training
  • Spiritually strong worship team

MV Lam Thap Church are Devoted to these few ministries…

Group Bible Study together…
Learning Music together
Food relief delivered to the door by bike
Taking care of the Little Hugs
Learning to praise the Lord together…
The family in fellowship together
Food relief for those in need
The mothers and Infants

Reaching out in Love to the Youth and Children
of Lam Thap community 

MV Lam Thap family Album

 MVT Life Development Projects Ministry…

Pastor Nipon visited sister Sirinthan, wife of Pastor Som Keat, MV Lam Thap Church today at her stall selling second hand clothing and other items. We praised God, MVT is able to help her start off this small business to support her family and half of her profit also goes to support the church. We thank the Lord for those who partner with us in these ministries.

Please continue to pray for

The gospel will be actively shared with people that need to hear in our local community

God’s provision to pay monthly rental of church building and provision for needs and resources for the community.

Youth and children ministries Venues for sports and learning facilities.

Meeting the needs and blessing families.
Caring for mothers with infants in the community.

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