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From the MVT Director Mission-Ventures Thailand…

Grace from the Lord Jesus Christ. Amidst this crisis, the LORD has not forsaken His people but is standing among His people.  For the past 2 years, despite the chaos in the world, Jesus Christ continues to reveal His power. Jesus has led MV Thailand to embark on a mission to bring His love and salvation to the people of Thailand and neighbouring countries. We bear witness to miracles of what Jesus has done through MVT Mission-Ventures Thailand amidst this crisis.  Amidst the financial crisis Jesus has led us to plant new churches. In this time of fear and selfishness we (as His church) share freely of what we have.

                               “Dear brothers and sisters who are reading the story of the Lord’s ministry in Thailand. Please continue to pray for us and also pray together for Thailand. We believe that God will restore Thailand and its 69 million people. But at this time, those who believe in Jesus Christ are only 1% of the total population. This is an open opportunity to do His ministry in building up His Kingdom in Thailand.”

Always a time for Prayer and Intersession

MV Thailand is in parallel of the five loaves and two fishes. Despite the small quantity, the LORD has multiplied it out to bless many people in Thailand. Although people call it the year of crisis, for MV Thailand it is a year of countless blessings and opportunities to connect.  A year full of opportunities to share the love of Christ and to bring the salvation and hope of Christ to the Thai people. This is the time for planting churches in many parts of Thailand.

Invitation to help build His Church here in Thailand

Each church planted by MV Thailand is a church with 30-50 members, depending on the area, most of whom are new or pre-believers. Our prayers are that each of them will grow and be strengthened in their faith, while following Jesus and proclaiming their faith according to the Great Commission.  We would like to invite brothers and sisters from different countries to join us in our mission in areas such as language teaching, vocational or skills training according to each one giftings. We pray that Jesus sends fellow ministers to Thailand on both short term and long-term basis.

Building churches in Thailand

            MVT also have plans for further ministry with the various churches that have been planted. Most of the churches are rented premises and it is deemed to be not worthwhile in the long-term to continue renting. As such, we are raising funds to support each church building project in the different areas of Thailand. 

We are not aiming for huge or luxurious buildings. But to have a building with sufficient space for us to conduct our church activities and worship services without having to worry about being evicted by the owners who demand higher rental, or upon expiry of our tenancy. At present, only a small percentage of the churches planted by MV Thailand have their own buildings.

Please pray alongside with us for God’s provision to purchase land and to construct church buildings in these different communities.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for Mission Ventures Thailand (MVT). It will always be a great blessing to MVT and this is enabling us to continue to reach out to the people of Thailand with the love of Jesus. At MVT we continually trust the Lord to provide and we invite you to  partner with MVT in this exciting ministry.   A large portion of our financial need in 2024 will be for MVT pastor’s allowance and for the rental of church premises. These churches are very young and had just been planted with a lot of growing yet to happen. We pray that in 5 to 10 years’ time some of these church communities will become more self-supporting and self-reliant financially.

  Our appreciation and prayerful consideration as we move together forward into the future and to all God has planned for us.

MVT Directors highly value your continuous and effective prayer support for MVT in this pioneering work of building the Church of Jesus Christ across Thailand and seeing the Kingdom of God impact this great nation.
“Involving People to Impact Nations for Christ.”

 From MVT Director Mission-Ventures Thailand,

Supol & Suan Kee

Mission Ventures Thailand (MVT)

95 M.7 Samnok Kham Sadao District Songkhla Province, Thailand 90320

MVT Director

MVT Director

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