Mission Ventures Thailand Vision

From the Director…

About MVT

“Greetings Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ…” 

“Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! 
Here are some of our prayer points on the different ministries that our MVT churches are presently involved in, that our Lord Jesus has called us into.” 

The Vision 

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Thailand and beyond… Great Commission—Matthew 28:18-20

To promote the various missions and blessings of the church to the local community…
’Food Relief, Education, Trades Help-Acts of Love in action, Sports.’

To build unity with the churches in Thailand and around the world…
‘Fellowship, Family, Unity, Sharing.’

The Mission 

Provide assistance and work together with local churches that request help.

Ignite the local churches and the community with its mission and respond to the needs of its own community.

Provide an allocation of budget and resources to finance the operations of the church and its ministries.

Supol and Suan Kee

Mission Ventures Thailand