MVT Blessing Ministries
MVT Blessing Ministries

MVT Blessing Ministries

MVT Blessing Ministries

Welcome to MVT Blessing Ministries Breakdown

MVT Blessing Ministries are activities that the MVT church fellowship are directly involved in. Especially when it comes to reaching and connecting with the community around the church.

The majority of these ministries are directed towards the children and the various needs they have. Such as:

  • School Aid:- Helping them with their start up with uniform clothing, school bag and other accessories required when the family cannot provide for them.
  • Care about and help with the elderly and handicap:- Who are often neglected and find it difficult to ask for help. This gives opportunity to meet people in their homes and community.
  • Sponsorship:- The resources that are always required to help with these various ministries.
  • Family Needs:- Reaching out to the families within the community who are struggling in one form or another. Often proper nutrition of the children is lacking and the breaking down of the family unit is common.
  • ACTS:- There is always repairs and maintenance needed to be done on homes.
    With ACTS of Love in Action, there are skilled workers ready to share their services that can handle the jobs!

“Our hope in Jesus is to Involve and Inspire
 people to Impact their communities for Christ” 

MVT asks for continued prayer for these tasks…

The gospel will be actively shared with people that need to hear in our local community

God’s provision to pay monthly rental of church building and provision for needs and resources for the community.

Youth and children ministries Venues for sports and learning facilities.

Meeting the needs and blessing families.
Caring for mothers with infants in the community.

Mission Ventures Thailand Church Locations

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