MVT-Prayer life Altar

MVT-Prayer life Altar

MVT-Prayer life Altar

Mission Ventures Thailand

MVT-Prayer life Altar

“Greetings, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Shalom…” Welcome all to The MVT-Prayer life Altar

“Greetings in the name of our Lord and King Jesus Christ! 
Welcome to our MVT-Prayer life Altar.
Here are some prayer points on the different ministries that our MVT churches are presently involved in, that our Lord Jesus has called us into.” 

Prayer Life Points to note:

The Vision for MVT-Prayer life Altar …

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Thailand and beyond… “Great Commission” 

To promote the mission of the church to the local community…”food Relief, education, trades help, Love in action.”

To build unity with the churches in Thailand and around the world… “Fellowship, family, unity: One with the Spirit of God.” 

To care about the elderly and physically challenged.
To care about the youth and mothers and their infants in the community

The Mission for MVT-Prayer life Altar …

“Provide assistance and work together with local churches that request help“.

“Ignite the local churches and the community with its mission and respond to the needs of its own community“.

“Provide an allocation of budget and resources to finance the operations of the church and its ministries“.

“With earnest Prayer; local churches will be able to operate independently and plant new churches fulfilling the Great Commission“.

Please continue to pray for MVT-Prayer life Altar …

The gospel will be actively shared with those people that need to hear in our local communities

God’s provision to pay the monthly rental of church buildings and provision for needs and resources for their community.

Youth and children ministries Venues for sports and learning facilities.
Care about the homeless and street children.

Meeting the needs and blessing families.
Caring for mothers with infants in their community.

Brother Prayut and wife, a precious elderly couple

Praise and thank God…

…for His healing upon Brother Prayut and his wife.

Brother Prayut had battled cancer since Christmas 2022, and, at one point, he was in a coma and in critical condition in the ICU. A Christian doctor prayed with his wife, and he miraculously emerged from the coma. Following this, his wife brought him to MV Ban Muang Church, where he responded to Christ.

The church believers fervently prayed for him, and two months later, he expressed a desire to be baptized. Both he and his wife are now serving the Lord in MV Bang Muang Church.

Pastor Supol and his team visited Brother Prayut and his wife’s place. MVT aims to assist them, as their house is in a deteriorated state with a leaking roof and termite-infested pillars.

Prayut’s Home Repair task

This project is aimed at renovating and improving Prayut’s living conditions.

MVT plans to repair the roof, treat the termite infestation and provide a more stable and comfortable environment for them both.
Prayut and his wife make a living by making charcoal. Below is Prayut’s journey from a critical health condition to finding faith and healing in Christ.

Living in Adversity

Prayut’s house has a deteriorating roof that is now rusted and leaks profusely during the rainy season.

Termite infestation has also compromised the structural integrity of the pillars, weakening the foundation of the house.

Health Concerns: The consistently damp conditions inside the house and the makeshift gazebo pose health risks. Mould and mildew may thrive, contributing to respiratory issues for Prayut and his family. Exposure to the elements could lead to a range of health challenges, particularly during the rainy season. This description underscores the urgency of addressing the structural issues in Prayut’s house, emphasizing the immediate need for renovation and repair to provide a safe and secure home for Prayut and his family.

Family Testimony of God’s Healing Power towards SALVATION

Brother Sak, a leader from MV Bang Khan Church, called Pastor Supol asking for prayer for his mother who was very sick in hospital with diabetes disorder.

Praise the Lord! After praying for his mother, the condition of her leg improved.

Hallelujah! Brother Sak shared the gospel with his mother and she gave her life over to Jesus! Hallelujah…Hallelujah!

Some of the relatives of brother Sak’s family saw the mighty healing power of Jesus upon his mother.  Later on three more of his family also gave their lives over to Jesus!

MV Bang Khan Church serving in their community

Pastor Khuen and family are shepherding the flock there.

With this miraculous healing that took place with Brother Sak‘s family, this has encouraged others from their community to take an interest in coming to church and find Jesus. Inviting and reaching out to them to come to church regularly to be prayed for and find fellowship and support together.

MVT Churches building Relationships with the Youth

MV Mountain of Light
Impact on youth

We thank God for the opportunities to build relationships with the young people as the church reaches out to these precious souls.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Daneal and his wife Pastor Saijai that they will be able to impact the youth with the love of Christ and share the Good News, building them up with various activities and friendship.

MVT Ministry to the Maniq people in Patthalung

Residing in the Patthalung hills of southern Thailand, the Maniq comprise one of the last hunter–gatherer communities in the world. The total population of the Maniq is about 300 people.

MVT is privileged to partner with Pastor Somchai in bringing the gospel and God’s love to this primitive nomadic MANIQ tribe in southern Thailand.

Praise the Lord! Pastor Somchai and team are able to reach out to them on a regular basis.

MVT Outreach to Koh Bulon Island

Koh Bulon is a small island in Satun Province, near the Tarutao National Marine Park, on the Andaman coast of south Thailand. This island is home to a small community of fishermen and other local families.

MVT, together with Pastor Somchai and members of Haven Baptist Church, Patthalung are reaching out to the islanders by showing the Jesus’ film. Praise the Lord!

MVT Little Seeds Community Centres Reaching out to the Little children

MVT Foundation has centres reaching out to the needy children and families in their communities: Dannok, Songkhla, Southern Thailand. Patong Phuket, Southern Thailand and Wapi-Pathum, Maha Sarakkam, North-eastern Thailand.

Through these ministries, MVT is able to express ‘God’s Love with Care in Action!’  often as first contact to these needy children and families.
By providing them with free meals, foodstuffs, free tuition and music lessons.

Thank God for opportunities to get alongside and share Bible stories, share the gospel and in showing the Jesus’ film.

Outreach to the youth- MVT Sport’s Ministry

Praise the Lord that we were able to reach out to the young people in Dannok through sports.
MVT organises volleyball matches for the girls forming competitive matches via schools or clubs around Dannok.
Also football camps are organized for the boys building rapport in the community and with each other.
There were about 80 young people who participated in the volleyball matches & football camp.

Please pray that MVT will continue to be able to organize youth camps and tournaments in the future (80% are pre believers).

Mission Ventures Church locations in Thailand

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