Testimony Healing Salvation,

Testimony of Gods’ Healing and Salvation

An Amazing Testimony
of God’s
Healing and Salvation

Brother Sak, one of the leaders from MV Bang Khan Church, called Pastor Supol last week and asked for prayer for his mother who is very sick in hospital. Brother Sak is planning to visit his mother who stays in Kut Chum district, Yasothon, North-eastern Thailand.

She has a serious diabetes disorder and was hospitalized. Doctor says her leg needs to be amputated because it’s turning gangrene.  

Brother Sak prayed with his mother and contacted a pastor from a local church which is 50km away from Kut Chum to pray with him for his mother. 

Brother Saks family find salvation

Praise the Lord! After praying for his mother, the condition of her leg improved after a week surprising the doctor. The doctor decided to not to amputate her leg, just to clean and remove the dead skin.

Hallelujah! Brother Sak shared the gospel with his mother and she gave her life over to Jesus!…Hallelujah…Hallelujah!

Some of the relatives of brother Sak saw the mighty healing power of Jesus upon his mother.  Later on three(3) more of his family also gave their lives over to Jesus! 

Testimony Healing Salvation

 “All the Glory and Praise to God for His power at work in us all!”

Brother Saks mother being ministered to in prayer…

“All the Glory to God for answered prayer for families…”

“Please continue to pray for Families in these situations…”  

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