MVT School Aid
in their Community

Blessing the needs of children of school age

“Families with siblings
that need
Sponsorship to attend school

MVT School Aid

There are a many families in our communities that need sponsorship for MVT School Aid.

Who can’t afford school uniforms, textbooks, bags, shoes…the list goes on. As well as, the need exists for basic meals and the means for travel safely, for some children have to cover long distances in all types of weather just to get to school.

MVT churches recognise these needs and has begun to get sponsor support for individual children based on their situation. We are now praying and looking for more sponsors for this important ministry. 

 “Please continue to pray for these precious souls, both their families and the students themselves…” 

MV Dannok Church
MV Ubon Church
MV Amnat Charoen Church
MV Bang Khan Church
MV Lam Thap Church
MV Sung Noen Church
MV Satun Church
MV Patong Phuket Church
MV Ban Muang Church

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