Welcome to MVT Asean family Album Please continue to pray for… The gospel will be actively shared with people that need to hear in our local community, also…. …God’s provision to pay monthly rental of church building and provision for needs and resources for the community. Youth and children ministries


MVTF ASEAN MVTF ASEAN Trip Introducing MVTF ASEAN MVTF ASEAN with Mission Ventures Thailand is venturing to the north-eastern region of Thailand & Laos. With ATM (Australia, Thailand, Malaysia) Team from Oct 11-25th on a short mission trip to visit the MVT churches and establish inroads and open new doors

MVT Sports

MVT Sports Ministry Songkhla Province,Southern Thailand Mission Ventures Thailand MVT Sports Ministry MVT Sports Welcome you to the…MVT United Football Team MVT Sports recognise many forgotten youth from broken families in Dannok. On recognising this need to reach out and minister to these precious souls. In 2019, Since then, MVT Sports