MVT-Little Hugs Lam Thap

MVT-Little Hugs Lam Thap

MVT Acts of Love
in the Lam Thap Community

Blessing needs by Ministering
to mothers and Infants
MVT-Little Hugs Lam Thap Community

Krabi Province, Southern Thailand

Little Hugs and Mothers
need Sponsors

MVT-Little Hugs Lam Thap community

There are a many poor mothers in our communities in Thailand.  Who can’t afford to supply simple foodstuffs like milk powder for their babies.  They have been giving tinned condensed milk mixed with water to them.

MVT churches recognise these needs and have begun to get sponsor support for boxes of milk powder to bless these families with babies. We are now praying and looking for more sponsors for this ministry. 

 “Please continue to pray for these precious souls, both mothers and infants…” 


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