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MVT United Football Team UFT

MVT Sports Ministry

Songkhla Province,
Southern Thailand

Rev. Nipon Paengtun and team

MVT Sports UFT

Welcome to UFT United Football Team MVT

There are many forgotten youth from broken families in Dannok. Recognising the need to reach out and minister to these precious souls. In 2019.

Since then, this football team was formed to develop a healthy and purposeful lifestyle among them. It is also aimed to get them off criminal and immoral activities.

“Praise God!” There have been plenty more youth coming to the church which is very encouraging to see.

At the moment we do not have our own field that can be used for sport activities on a permanent basis.  We have to ask permission from a Buddhist temple nearby to use their place, for now. 

We hope soon to have a piece of land (approx. 1 to 2 acres) of our own to construct buildings for the Community Centre, Administration as well as sport activities.

Dannok United Football team
The team
The prize
The Winners
Group Activities
Study of God’s word together
Meet some of the family
Time to hang out together

Chef has been given a Sports Scholarship

Chef, who joined MVT United Football team since MVT started this ministry has been chosen by a government school in Songhkla, which have a football academy to train students to be footballers.

This is a real blessing to Chef and his family, as the government has given this scholarship for his studies. It’s our prayer for Chef who has tasted the love of Christ through this ministry that he will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and follow Him.

MV Dannok and MVT Sports UFT play to win! – July 22

To win, play, have fun, self-training, learn love, solidarity, friendship that has no intermediate age. In the field everyone is equal, different just in the role of duty.
MV Dannok Baptist Church thanks for the friendship today.
To all Dan brothers who don’t come to play to strengthen the skills of the kids.
Volunteer Foundation for developing Thai society for supporting us always…”Thanks!”
For Vitamin C drinking water from Volunteer Christian Association… 🙂
TANYAN Electric Motorcycles TANYAN supporting the match dress…”Cool!”
Thank you coach Tai and brothers and thank you The Pwan Arena Team for the use of the sports field.

“Positions stays with us for just a short time, but friendships stays with us forever.”
“May God bless you!”

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MVT Family Sports Album

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