MVT Shine News 21
April 2022

MVT Shine News 21 happenings

MVT Shine News 21

MVT Shine News 21

MVT Shine News 21

MVT Shine News 21

MVT thanks CMA MVI and MVA for blessing the Pastors of MVT churches with bikes for their ministries.

Blessings to the Christian Volunteer Association (CVA), with a bike
for Pastor Salom for the ministries in Bangkok.

Pastor Somporn from MV Ubon Church, Ubon Ratchathani, North-eastern Thailand with his bike and side carry.

These bikes will indeed be a blessing in assisting the work of the Lord in their different provinces throughout Thailand.

Reaching Satun community with the love of Christ, providing food relief for those in need.

We thank God for His continued provision; MV Satun Church and Pastor Siwon continues to reach out within the Satun community with the love of Christ by providing food relief for those in need.

Praise God, gospel tracts were also included in these food packages. The people are always very grateful to receive these food packages as some of them are still under quarantine after being tested C-19 positive.

Praise God! Pastor Siwon of MV Satun Church is able to connect and reach out to the youth through music.  Please continue to pray that every one of them will come to have a personal relationship with Christ and to grow together in His love. Amen!

Nakhon Ratchasima,
North-eastern Thailand

Thank God His love can be shared to the Sung Noen community. Praise God, Pastor Kungwal Pai and team can visit families near the church, blessing them with foodstuffs that were brought in last month. Praying these families will be reached for Christ and become true believers and share in God’s goodness.

Mae Sae Riang border,
Northern Thailand

Praise God! Pastors from MVT were able to raise funds from the Karen communities in Chiang Mai to purchase foodstuff for the Myanmarese refugees at the Mae Sae Riang border. We thank God for safety and protection as they travelled by long tail boat to bring in supplies and clothing for them.

New church planted in Amnat Charoen, North-eastern Thailand

All glory and praise to God! A new church has been planted by MVT in Amnat Charoen. Please pray for Pastor Charin who is shepherding this church. Thank you.

MVT thanks God for opportunities to reach out into the community near this new church. Pray for Pastor Somporn as he connects with families and blesses them with food aid and the love of Christ. Thank you for praying for this church.

“All Glory to God for new life!”
Sadao, Southern Thailand

Hallelujah! Seven new believers were baptized on Resurrection Day. As we celebrate the risen Christ, we also rejoice over those lives who have decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mae La Noi district. Mae Hong Son Province. North-western Thailand

Mae La Noi has a population of about 36,000 which consists of Native people, Shan, Karen, Hmog and Lawa people. Mostly earning their living in agriculture such as corn and beans.

There are now 40 to 60 believers who meet regularly every Sunday to worship the Lord together and they also meet once a week at different homes for life groups.

Praise God! Pastor Saijai is now ministering to the children during Sunday service on the porch of the small house next to the church which was recently renovated. Pastor Daneal and his wife also stay there. Recently, a small baptism pool was also built at the back of this house and 2 new believers baptised. Praise God! Pastor Daneal and Saijai are also connecting with the youth here by helping them to learn guitar and drums.

Ministry to the children and youth by helping them to learn the guitar and worship God through music

Sharing and teaching the Karen culture/lifestyle is important…

Always ready to help with food relief and connect with the community where there are needs…

Years prior, this church did not have a permanent shepherd.  Elder Pateela, who is a farmer provided that leadership for this church.  MVT worked alongside with elder Pateela from 2017 until now assisting him in leadership.  We recognise his faithfulness and is highly respected in the community.

Since last year, God has provided Pastor Daneal and his wife Pastor Saijai to lead the church. They both have a heart to reach the youth through music, especially Karen music. Also being an encouragement in the community and building up the believers.

There are many challenges facing the younger generation in this community. Thank you for supporting Pastor Daneal and Pastor Saijai and the church here through your prayers.

Here are some tasks to uphold in your prayers:

1) Pray for the younger generation of Karen people who are yet to be reached with the gospel.

2) Pray for the church believers who are mostly living a simple lifestyle, who rely mainly on their farming income.

3) Pray for creative evangelism for the Karen community surrounding the church, that this place will be a light for all.

“Thank you for your continual support for the MVT ministry.”
☐ MV Thailand General Fund☐ Little Seeds Community Centre
☐ Church Planting & Evangelism☐ School Aid for students in need
☐ MVT land & church buildings☐ Infant needs-milk and nappies
☐ MVT church rental☐ Food aid for families & children
☐ MVT Pastor’s support☐ Family life development
☐ MVT church van☐ Student support
☐ MVT musical instruments☐ Christmas Outreach Ministries
MVT Sports Ministry

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