MVT Shine News 28
Nov-Dec 2022

MVT Shine News 28 happenings

MVT Shine News 28

MVT Shine News 28

MVT Shine News 28

MVT Shine News 28 happenings

Uncle Banjong and wife become new believers
Roi Et, North-eastern Thailand

Hallelujah! Uncle Banjong a first timer to church, opened his heart to Jesus. Hearing Pastor Banjong (yes, same name as the uncle) sharing the gospel, he felt the perfect inner peace of Jesus. Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit in his heart. Later his wife followed him. Hallelujah! she too opened her heart to Jesus and invited Him to be her saviour and Lord. MVT thanks Pastor Beth Limare for bringing the message of the Lord.

Praise the Lord for the Gospel shared
Southern Thailand– “Christmas Outreach!”

Praise God, the children, youth and adults had a wonderful and enjoyable time with Pastor Siwon and MVT team this evening at the Wat Cha Na Ti Phat Community Hall near the church. The GOOD NEWS of Christmas was shared, accompanied by songs and presentation by the children from MV Satun church.

Glory to God! Sharing His love in Southern Thailand
“Christmas Outreach!”

The love of Christ and the joy of Christmas was shared with the Maniq natives on the foothills of the Patthalung mountains. MVT together with the team from Haven Baptist Church blessed the natives with packed foodstuffs, cups and cooking utensils. Hallelujah!

New life planted in Phuket community…
Patong, Phuket, Southern Thailand

Psalm 9:18 For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope for the poor shall not perish forever.
Praise God for His provision. MVT is thankful for the opportunities to bless the needy communities in Patong. MV Patong Phuket Church blessed the community here with 120 packets of cooked food. With Pastor Sunee and Pastor Aland as the shepherds.
We pray the community here will be touched by the love of Christ as they receive these blessings and their hearts will be open to Him.

For with the same measure that you give, it will be measured back to you. Luke 6:38. “Say AMEN if you agree!” The love of God in action is being demonstrated to people in their community in very practical ways. All Glory to God!

“Christmas Outreach!”
Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Praise God for the ministry in this church that reaches out to the young people. We thank God for the opportunity to invite and connect with them over this Christmas season. They had a lovely time of worship, hearing the Good News, playing games and a time of fellowship together over food and conversation.

“Christmas Outreach!”
Nong Khai, North-eastern Thailand

Praise God for MV Nong Khai Church which was planted in January this year being able to share the joy of Christmas with their community in the village where the church is situated.

Pastor Supol shared the Good News of Christmas to about 120 people that evening.

The villagers were also entertained by Pastor Suphan with some of his magic tricks.

We thank God for His favour upon Pastor Suphan and Pastor Ying with the village headman.
He welcomed the church to have this celebration at his own home compound. Hallelujah!

The people (in Nong Khai) who still walk in darkness will see a great light (of God’s glory); a light that will shine on all who live in the land where death has casts its shadow. Isaiah 9:2

Sakhon Nakhon, North-eastern Thailand
Christmas Outreach”

MVT would like to thank God for MV Ban Muang Church that has just been planted 6 months ago. Praise God for Pastor Samson (who is 67 years), still chooses to serve the Lord faithfully. It was a joyous and wonderful morning, as this church reached out into their community of Bang Muang. The joy of the Lord was seen in this Christmas celebration with worship, preaching of the Good News by Pastor Supol, and songs and dance presentation. The community was also blessed with gifts. Praise God the sisters in this church prepared such a variety of delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

Online Bible training: Growing in faith together

Praise God! MVT is able to bless the Thai brothers and sisters in Malaysia (spouses are mostly Malaysians) through the online service.
Since March this year, MVT pastors in Thailand have been taking turns to lead worship and preaching the Word every Thursday night 7.30pm to 9pm through Zoom. This group has grown in their closeness with the Lord and each other through this online service. They have also started to sow financially to the Lord’s work in Thailand through MVT. Hallelujah!
MVT pastors headed by Pastor Somporn from MV Ubon Church recently guided the committed group through an online study of the New Testament; for the past 6 months every Thursday night called The Bible Challenge. Last night, 13 of them graduated and receives their certificate of completion from MVT Thailand Board. Praise God these future leaders have a hunger to study and learn God’s Word together.

God’s Healing Power Revealed!
Sakhon Nakhon, North-eastern Thailand
A miracle and a testimony for this couple

This man who is standing beside Pastor Supol was in a coma in the ICU ward last week. It’s a miracle he and his wife are able to come to church for the first time to share their testimony of how Jesus woke him up from the coma!
He suffered from throat cancer and fell unconscious and was in a coma for 1 week. The Christian doctor that was treating him told his wife he might not wake up anymore and she would need to make a decision whether to take him off the oxygen. Later, the doctor shared with his wife that there was someone who could help her husband and she could pray to Him. His name is Jesus. The wife agreed to pray to Jesus with the doctor as long as her husband can wake up from the coma. The doctor prayed with the man’s wife, asking Jesus for help.

The doctor then asked the man’s wife to follow him to see her husband in the ICU ward. After half an hour, she was so surprised to see her husband suddenly wake up.
Hallelujah! All glory and praise to Jesus!
Now, both of them have opened up their hearts to Jesus and invited him to be their Lord and Saviour. They are trusting Jesus to heal him completely from his throat cancer. AMEN!

Glory to God for His amazing Grace
Maha Sarakham, Northeastern Thailand

Praise God for leading MV Wapi Pathum Church to reach out to the students their community. Pastor Watcharin together with the MVT team were at a small village school about 2 kms away from the church. They interacted with the students and teachers and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. The team also blessed the students and teachers with gifts.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite passion in the teachers and students to seek the Lord God and Jesus, now that the seed of the gospel and the love of God has been planted in their hearts.

Ubon Ratchathani, North-eastern
Thailand “Christmas Outreach!”

Wonderful to see the students and teachers of Ban Dampa School enjoying themselves as MVT team shared the love of Christ and joy of Christmas with them. Please pray for Pastor Somporn as he reaches out into the community in Ubon that many will come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour.

“Christmas Outreach!”
Amnat Charoen, North-eastern Thailand

The weather has dropped to about 15 Celsius in North-east Thailand, but Praise God, the joy and warmth of Christmas can still be shared with the villagers at MV Amnat Charoen Church. Pastor Charin and his team shared the salvation message and the love of Christ with the community in this village. Hallelujah! Two souls opened their hearts to Jesus and responded to His love. Please pray for these two sisters to grow in Christ and their lives will be changed to a living testimony for Christ.

Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand – Christmas Outreach

We thank God for this church on the mountain that is reaching out to the Karen community. Praise God for the joy and hope of Christmas that is shared by Pastor Leuchai and family to the community here.

Krabi, Southern Thailand – Christmas Outreach

We thank God despite the very wet weather here due to the rain that is pouring for the past two days, the Good News and joy of Christmas can still be shared with the community in Lam Thap.

Praise God for Pastor Som Keat and family who are so faithfully reaching out in this community.

Christmas is for all ages, and for all hearts! This year is the first year that we, MV Outan Baptist Church, have had the opportunity to tell of the Good News, distribute gifts, give out fun for the kids and parents. Praise God! the Good News & joy of Christmas was shared with them. The children and adults were treated with food and gifts. Praying the seeds of the gospel that were sown here will bear much fruit within the hearts of people in their community. God bless!

Southern Thailand – Christmas Outreach

What a blessing to be able to share the love & joy of Christmas with the children and needy families in their community in the backstreets of Dannok. Praying everyone who receives food & gifts here will be impacted by His love and will come to know Jesus as Lord and saviour.

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