MVT Shine News 34

June 2023

MVT Shine News 34

MVT Shine News 34 Happenings

MVT Shine News 34
School Aid starter kits provided by MVT
for school uniforms and accessories for the children throughout Thailand

MVT is grateful for God’s provision. MVT would like to thank our partners for blessing these children with school aid as the new school term starts in Thailand.

Blessings from all the MV Churches across Thailand with uniforms, school bags, shoes and stationery. The students are so grateful and happy to receive these gifts. Praying every student and their parents will taste Christ’s love and receive His salvation through this ministry.

Thank you to all who continue to give to this important and precious ministry. Hallelujah!

Such a time of meeting in fellowship with the students & teachers

This bible seminary just started their new term last month. They have 35 students with half coming from Laos.

PTL! With Jesus being our great intercessor, together we had a time to intercede for Thailand from the north, south, east and west!

We thank God for this opportunity to reconnect back with this seminary where Pastor Supol, Pastor Nipon and a few of the MVT pastors were trained.

We pray that more young people will answer the call of God to be trained to serve the Lord in north-eastern Thailand and Laos.

Fellowship at MV Wapi-Pathum church
Maha Sarakkam, North-eastern Thailand

The MVT team visited MV Wapi Pathum church. Prayed for Pastor Watcharin and sister Sirikanya his wife.

Little Seeds Community Center is proving itself to be a real asset for their community. With Pastor Watcharin and sister Sirikanya his wife, sharing Christ’s love and care to these children around the church.

Please continue to pray for these valuable children as they seek purpose and direction for their lives, through learning and play together. And pray for more committed workers for the coming harvest!

That these souls will each find Jesus and walk in all His ways. AMEN!

More baptisms for the glory of God.
Sakon Nakhon, North-eastern Thailand

PTL! 6 people were baptised into Christ at this church.

We pray for these new disciples as they grow in their love for Jesus and in their walk daily, follow Him in all His ways.

Hallelujah! All Glory and Praise to Jesus!
From last Christmas, this couple continue to open their hearts to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

They continue to trust in Jesus for complete healing from his throat cancer. AMEN!

Remember this couple that have found the Lord!

God’s Healing Power Revealed! Prayut suffered from throat cancer and fell unconscious and was in a coma for 1week last December 2022. A Christian doctor that was treating him told his wife he might not wake up anymore and she would need to make a decision whether to take him off oxygen.  Later, the doctor shared with his wife Kaisorn… ‘There is someone who can help her husband and she can pray to Him. His name is Jesus.’  The wife agreed to pray to Jesus with the doctor as long as her husband can wake up from the coma.  The doctor prayed with his wife, asking Jesus for help.

The doctor then asked Kaisorn the wife, to follow him to see her husband in the ICU ward. After half an hour, she was so surprised to see her husband suddenly wake up! Hallelujah!

Prayut and his wife Kaisorn, are both now baptised into Christ, together with the others.

Praise the Lord! Prayut is getting better day by the day as he learns to trust Jesus as the great healer.

Spending time with the church family
Nong Khai, North-eastern Thailand

Praise God. The MVT team were able to spend time with Pastor Suphan, his wife Pastor Yui and their son Ra Ti Cha. God is so good to lead this family to plant a church in Nong Khai.

They are reaching out to the children in the village where the church is situated. Please pray for the church family as they reach out in love to share the gospel with the parents as well.

Connecting youth with Jesus Christ in
Dannok, Southern Thailand

We thank God for the many opportunities to organise another football tournament for the youth in Dannok. Continue to pray that we will be able to connect more with the youth through this ministry and reach them for Christ. AMEN!

☐ MV Thailand General Fund☐ Little Seeds Community Centre
☐ Church Planting & Evangelism☐ School Aid for students in need
☐ MVT land & church buildings☐ Infant needs-milk and nappies
☐ MVT church rental☐ Food aid for families & children
☐ MVT Pastor’s support☐ Family life development
☐ MVT church van☐ Student support
☐ MVT musical instruments☐ Christmas Outreach Ministries
MVT Sports Ministry

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