MVT Shine News 31
March 2023

MVT Shine News 31

MVT Shine News 31 happenings

Following His steps by example for the Great Commission in MVT Churches in Thailand

Mission Ventures Thailand’s VISION for church planting throughout Thailand. MVT is committed to planting churches in areas where there is little or no access to the Gospel of Christ. 

This process involves evangelism, discipleship and community building, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable, self-reliant community of believers together in their church.

Throughout Thailand, where Christianity is a minority religion, church planting can be particularly challenging. Mission Ventures Thailand is committed to overcoming these challenges by equipping, supporting local pastors and working closely with their communities where the MVT family serve.

The GOALS for Mission Ventures Thailand’s church planting efforts is to establish a strong, vibrant Christian community that is committed to sharing God’s love and the Gospel message of The Lord Jesus Christ with others. MVT hopes to see lives transformed and communities changed for the Glory of God!

Being a blessing in their community Roi Et Province, North-eastern Thailand

Thank God this very young church that was just planted 4 months ago is reaching out actively into their community with the love of Christ. Recently, Pastor Banjong, sister Meow and team visited 2 schools and 2 kindergartens in Roi Et. Meeting and connecting with the teachers and students.

Praise God for the opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ with them and blessing the students with gifts.

Sharing the blessing of God’s love to the Karen people

MVT is thankful for God’s provision. Since the C19 pandemic, MVT has been able to provide food relief to more than 2000 people from communities across Thailand. We were able to provide food relief to hundreds of Karen Myanmarese families who took refuge at the Thai-Myanmar border due to the civil war in Myanmar.

Praise God! MVT is now providing free meals, care and food relief to a group of Karen Myanmarese children who have been provided with safe refuge.

Reaching out and connecting with children in their community

MVT Foundation has centres reaching out to the needy children and families in their communities: Dannok, Songkhla, Southern Thailand. Patong Phuket, Southern Thailand and Wapi-Pathum, Maha Sarakkam, North-eastern Thailand.

Through these ministries, MVT is able to express ‘God’s Love with Care in Action!’  often as first contact to these needy children and families. By providing them with free meals, foodstuffs, free tuition and music lessons.

Thank God for opportunities to get alongside and share Bible stories, share the gospel and in showing the Jesus’ film.

Dannok, Songkhla, Southern Thailand

Note is a boy who is 15 years old. He is being taken care of by his grandmother at present as his parents are addicted to drugs, divorced and have left him. He grows up without any ID card because his parents did not certify his birth with the government. Pastor Nipon recently visited Note and will try to locate his parents so that they can do a DNA test. Without an ID card, Note will not be able to have access to education and other basic rights. Pastor Nipon had contacted Note’s mother but she refused to step up. Please pray for Note.

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