MVT Shine News 32
April 2023

MVT Shine News 32

MVT Shine News 32 happenings

Continued blessings to your Growing church!
Satun, Southern Thailand

Praise God for this community of believers that are growing in this church. During Sunday service, Pastor Supol shared about how Jesus’ death paid the penalty of our sins and gave us new life in Him, followed by his life testimony in Christ Jesus.

All glory to God! Brother Bao was a drug addict. God’s people brought him to church. He cried out to Christ to help him with his addiction. Today, brother Bao gives testimony of how God has set him free from drugs, called him by name and given him a new life in Christ! Brother Bao is now more than 3 months as a new believer Hallelujah! Psalm 107: 1-2, 31-32

Koh Bulon is a small island in Satun Province, near the Tarutao National Marine Park, on the Andaman coast of south Thailand. This island is home to a small community of fishermen and other local families.

MVT, together with Pastor Somchai and members of Haven Baptist Church, Patthalung are reaching out to the islanders by showing the Jesus’ film, with electricity provided by a generator. MVT has also blessed the islanders with second-hand clothing. Praise the Lord!

Resurrection Sunday at MVT Churches across Thailand.
Praise the Lord! The miracle of our Lord Jesus’ Resurrection is declared and celebrated in the MVT Churches.
Thank you, Lord, for our new and victorious life in You!

Home village clean-up! Maha Sarakkham, North-eastern Thailand

Praise God! Pastor Watcharin and his wife are involved with the community services in their village. Recently, they have included the young people in this church to participate in helping to clean up their village. We thank God for the impact the young are making in their community here.

Praise God, for the past 2 years, MVT has run Online Services for the Thai believers in Malaysia. Through these services, the believers have a time to come together to worship the Lord and hear His word being preached… Besides this, MVT has also conducted Online Bible Studies for the Thai believers here

Baptisms for Christ! Songkhla, Southern Thailand

Praise God! Baptism for 4 new believers in His church. One young man, brother Bao, accepted the Lord 2 months earlier and has decided to be baptised. We pray each person will grow in their relationship with Christ and be His witnesses. AMEN!

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