MVT Shine News 36
August 2023

MVT Shine News 36 happenings

MVT Shine News 36

MVT Shine News 36

MVT Shine News 36 happenings

Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern Thailand
Pastor Kheun Polchai of
MV Bang Khan Church

Getting to know a little about Pastor Khuen, his family and his life ministry.

My wife and I have four children, one son, and three daughters. All of whom are married and have their own families. I have been serving the Lord for the past 32 years, serving under Mission Ventures Thailand (MVT) for the last 4 years.

What are some of the important values for you as a pastor in MV Bang Khan church?

As the pastor of MV Bang Khan Church, the most important values to me are following God’s teachings. We must love God with all our hearts and treat others with the same love and care we want for ourselves. One of our main challenges is applying God’s authority as mentioned in the Book of Mark (Mark 16:17,18).

What brings you the most joy serving as a pastor in MV Bang Khan church?

I find great joy serving together with my family, with the church fellowship and in our community. Joy is found through preaching, visiting brothers and sisters and living out the principles of Philippians 2:2. The Holy Spirit continues to lead and motivate me, and I am grateful for the ongoing support and joy I share with my fellow pastors in the MVT family.

Can you share testimonies of how the Lord is working in this church?

In MV Bang Khan Church, we have witnessed many incredible works of the Lord. Many sick individuals have experienced remarkable recoveries, delivered from demon possession and even drug addicts been set free from their addiction.

Within our church community, a beautiful testimony to the Lord’s work is the unity among our brothers and sisters. They come together in a spirit of togetherness, cooking and sharing meals. We are thankful for the bonds of love and fellowship that God has nurtured among us.

How can we be of better service to you and the family in the ministries of MV Bang Khan church?

“Please also share some needs for this church!”

We request prayers to develop our worship team and musicians. We also humbly ask for prayers and support regarding the purchase of land for the construction of our new church building;
as this is one of our pressing needs.

Our fellowship is fast outgrowing our present place of worship.

We have the shared vision to build, care and serve more in our community of Bang Khan.

“Your continued prayers and support in these areas is always greatly appreciated!”

☐ MV Thailand General Fund☐ Little Seeds Community Centre
☐ Church Planting & Evangelism☐ School Aid for students in need
☐ MVT land & church buildings☐ Infant needs-milk and nappies
☐ MVT church rental☐ Food aid for families & children
☐ MVT Pastor’s support☐ Family life development
☐ MVT church van☐ Student support
☐ MVT musical instruments☐ Christmas Outreach Ministries
MVT Sports Ministry

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