MVT Shine News 37
September 2023

MVT Shine News 37 happenings

MVT Shine News 37

MVT Shine News 37

MVT Shine News 37 happenings

Part of the family! Children’s community outreach,
Patong, Southern Thailand

We thank God for His provision through MV Asean to purchase foodstuffs snacks and tables for the learning centre for Myanmar children in Patong.  The children learn English, Thai and Myanmar language from Monday to Friday. We also provide them with free meals. Please continue to pray for Pastor Aland and Pastor Sunee as they reach out to these precious children with the love of Christ.

Opportunities of Hope, more doors opened in
Satun, southern Thailand

MVT would like to thank and appreciate Trinity Baptist Church Alor Setar for partnering with MVT to reach out to the community in Satun. We thank God for more opportunities to minister His love, hope and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ to this community in Satun. Praise God, after the team from Alor Setar, Trinity Baptist Church ministered to the children and community; more doors were opened for Pastor Kambang to visit and pray for the sick. Two new families also attended last week Sunday service.

MV Satun Baptist Church, Southern Thailand…Praise God, there are so many children that attend or connected with this church!

Reaching the children in their community,
Dannok, Southern Thailand

Sister Namfon is leading and teaching for the Dannok Little Seeds Community Centre, taking care of the children and teaching English.

Under Mission Ventures Thailand MVT through the Foundation we reach out to these needy children and their families in:

Dannok, Songkhla, Southern Thailand

Wapi-Pathum, Maha Sarakkam, North-eastern Thailand

Patong, Phuket, Southern Thailand

Chiang Mai, North-western Thailand

Through these Little Seeds Community Centres, MVT is able to reach out to these needy children and families with the love of Christ by providing them free meals, foodstuffs, free tuition and music lessons. We thank God for opportunities to share Bible stories with these children and the showing of the Jesus’ film.

 Please pray for more committed local volunteers who will contribute their time to care and love these needy children in their communities.

Pray that the love of Jesus and His salvation will impact their young lives.

Pray that God will provide all the financial needs and resources for these centres.

“Would you consider partnering with us in these ministries by supporting financially some of the needs of these ministries to purchase foodstuffs and school materials for these precious children?

Thank you in advance for your valuable partnership, sharing with these needy children in Thailand with the love of Christ.”

Mother’s Day is celebrated on 12th Aug in MV Thailand churches. MVT honour, appreciate and pray for mothers in their services. All glory to God! Two mothers from our MV Dannok church opened their hearts to Jesus during this service.

Sister Nut and sister Biab responded
to Jesus and opened their hearts to Him. PTL
MV Dannok Church
MV Bang Khan Church
MV Mountain of Light Church
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