MVT Shine News 40
December 2023

MVT Shine News 40

MVT Shine News 40 Happenings

MVT Shine News 40
MVT Christmas Outreaches December 2023

“Hallelujah!” Here is the first of the Christmas Outreaches for 2023.  Firstly, in and around Ban Muang community, with more to follow…

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Sharing His salvation of hope in Christ Jesus,
Sakhon Nakhon, North-eastern Thailand

Welcome to Ban Muang village community

Praise God for the opportunity to share the message of salvation, hope, and love of Christ Jesus with the Ban Muang villagers in their own community during this Christmas season.

Please pray that the seeds of salvation planted in their hearts will grow and bear fruit for eternity.


God answers the prayers for His people!

Pastor Samson’s son was involved in a serious bike accident, of which he lost the use of one leg.

Many believers prayed for him, asking God for His healing and mercy.

Praise God, he is now totally recovered and back at work. He took up a courier job of sending parcels in his community to support his family.

Kham Ta Kla village Christmas Outreach

Praise God that Pastor Supol and his team had the opportunity to meet and minister to two needy families through this new outreach in Kham Ta Kla village.

Let’s continue to pray that this outreach and other connections will find fertile soil that will impact the community of that village and many families will come to receive His salvation.

Brother Prayut and his wife

Praise and thank God for His healing upon Brother Prayut and his wife.

Brother Prayut had battled cancer since Christmas 2022, and, at one point, he was in a coma and in critical condition in the ICU.

A Christian doctor prayed with his wife, and he miraculously emerged from his coma. Following this, his wife brought him to MV Ban Muang Church, where he responded to Christ.

The church believers fervently prayed for him, and two months later, he expressed his desire to be baptized.  Both he and his wife are now serving the Lord in MV Bang Muang Church.

Pastor Supol and his team recently visited Brother Prayut and his wife’s place. MVT aims to assist them, as their home is in a deteriorated state with a leaking roof and termite-infested pillars.

Currently, they are forced to sleep outdoors in a temporary gazebo due to the rainy season with water leaking through into their home.

Introducing Wanon Church and their Community

Praise God, Pastor Supol and other MV pastors had the opportunity to join Wanon Church for its Christmas Outreach. Pastor Somchai has been reaching out to the mostly elderly community in Wanon. He is praying that MVT will take up the leadership of this church community, and a younger person will succeed him.

Connecting with the Myanmarese children
Christmas outreach,
Phuket, southern Thailand

Praise God! MVT was able to share the joy and love of Christmas with the Myanmarese children in Patong.
MVT extends gratitude to God for His provision through our donors, enabling this Christmas outreach.

We humbly request for your prayers and Gods continued guidance, strength, and provision as Pastor Aland and Pastor Sunee ministers the love of Christ Jesus with this commitment towards this precious little community of children.

MV Patong Phuket Christmas

Church Services held at MV Patong Phuket

Blessed Christmas from the Directors and MVT to all our dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
Together as a family in Bang Khan community,
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Southern Thailand

The team reached Lam Thap safely after spending 1 night in Patthalung. Took a ride with Pastor Somchai and wife to the church last night. Praise God for this bike provided by MVTBM with side carry, blessed by MVI CMA for the church ministries. Looking forward to joining MV Bang Khan for their Christmas outreach this evening.

It was raining quite heavily as we travelled from Patthalung to Bang Khan. God is so good to answer our prayers to provide good weather in Bang Khan this evening!

All glory to God as there was a huge turnout.  About 250 people came and heard the gospel. The name of Jesus was lifted up and glorified in this district during this Christmas season, through the worship, testimonies, songs, dances and sharing.

Pastor Khuen gave a powerful message of the reason why Jesus was born into this world. Praise God for the joy and love of Christ that was shared to benefit the community in Bang Khan. HALLELUJAH!

Bang Khan Christmas

Praise God!
3 young persons baptised from this church
Krabi, Southern Thailand

Please continue to pray for Pastor Som Keat and family as they continue to reach out and minister into their community in this small district of Krabi.  Pastor Som Keat taps rubber to support his family. Recently he has not been in good health.

Please continue to pray for this growing small fellowship of believers, that they will continue to be ‘Salt and Light in Jesus’ name. AMEN.’

Lam Thap Christmas Baptisms

Amnat Charoen Province, north-eastern Thailand
Christmas with the children in Dannok community

It was a joyous day for the children as MVT shared the love of Christ with these children from the Lom Choi Community at the backstreet of Dannok. Praying the love of Christ will impact their young lives.

Little Seeds Community Christmas in Dannok

All glory to God!
Rejoicing with bro. Witoon being
baptised on Christmas day.

Phuket, southern Thailand

Praise God! During this Christmas season, MVT was able to bless the Maniq natives of Patthalung, with 500 catfish that were reared by Pastor Somchai at his church. Distributed along with other foodstuffs. We would like to express our gratitude to our donors for blessing the Maniq community. Please pray for these natives who have tasted the love and goodness of God, that they may come to know Christ in a real way.

Maniq Tribe Christmas in Patthalung Album

“Thank you for your continual support for the MVT ministry.”

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