MVT Shine News 23
June 2022

MVT Shine News 23 happenings

MVT Shine News 23

MVT Shine News 23

MVT Shine News 23

Mission Ventures United Team. A sport’s ministry! Dannok, Southern Thailand

Mission Ventures United, a sport’s ministry headed by Pastor Nipon. To gather the youth together to share God’s love, building team character and discipline through playing football.

‘The Little Seeds Life Centre’ in community…Dannok, Southern Thailand

Little Seeds Life Centre” where children in the community meet together for basic education and receive a meal by MV Dannok staff. This girl been held by a Little Seeds Volunteer worker, cried as having pain in her stomach. For too long she had not eaten and was left by her mum who is an alcoholic.

MVT Pastors and team in action Mae Hong Son border, Thailand

We thank God for His leading and continued provision. Praise God! MVT are able to bless the Karen Myanmarese Refugees at the Mae Hong Son border. MVT pastors and team brought in foodstuff, clothing and slippers. As it is now the rainy season, the children need sandals and slippers. Hallelujah! MVT pastors were also able to connect with the people there and witness them being baptized.

Bike ministry continues to Shine!…Satun, Southern Thailand

MVT is very thankful for the bike from CMA MVI MVA. This bike is a blessing to the ministry. Pastor Siwon transports this needy grandmother who is a new believer with her two grandchildren to a shop. MVT is blessing them with school uniforms, bags and shoes. Praise God! 10 families have come to know the Lord and 8 young people have been baptised through this ministry so far.

Bringing blessings upon a family…Krabi, Southern Thailand

Praise God for the opportunity to visit a lady and her daughter who both received Christ in MV Lam Thap church, Krabi.
MVT is also thankful to be able to bless her with some school accessories and some money to help pay her school fees.

New bike ministry in Chiang Mai…North-western Thailand

Praise God! MVT had the opportunity to bless and bring joy to about 60 children at a children’s home up in the mountains.

The children were treated with a meal, ice-cream, games and every child was blessed with a bag of foodstuffs.
We thank the Lord for those who have contributed towards this ministry.

Mae Hong Son, North-western Thailand

MV Mae Kong Pae Church was planted in June 2019 serving the Karen people in the small village of Mae Kong Pae up in the hills. MVT would like to thank God for Pastor Sataporn and family who are pastoring this church. Praise God, about 20 believers regularly fellowship and attend the weekly Sunday services.

Pastor Sataporn has been called by God to reach out to the Karen Myanmarese refugees at the Mae Hong Son border especially during the pandemic.  Despite the many dangers and hindrances, Pastor Sataporn and his team have trusted God and reached out to the refugees with clothing, foodstuff and materials for building shelters.

Praise God for His provision! MVT are able to reach out to the refugees with the love of Jesus. Since the pandemic, about 15 trips has been made to bring in foodstuffs through Pastor Sataporn and his team.

Life and fellowship in…
Mae Kong Pae village

Prayer points to focus on for MV Mae Kong Pae Church
and the Karen people:

1) God’s protection upon Ps. Sataporn and his team. They are exposed to the dangers of dengue and malaria as they have to go into the rivers and jungles at the border.

2) God’s provision upon the ministries to the Karen Myanmarese at the border and the Lord’s protection upon the team and partners.

3)  The love and salvation of Jesus to touch the lives of the Karen people in Mae Kong Pae community and Karen Myanmarese people near the border; they will come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour.

4) The children here are from needy homes and walk to school. They face a lot of  problems when it’s rainy season. Please pray for  Pastor  Sataporn  as he reaches out to these children.

☐ MV Thailand General Fund☐ Little Seeds Community Centre
☐ Church Planting & Evangelism☐ School Aid for students in need
☐ MVT land & church buildings☐ Infant needs-milk and nappies
☐ MVT church rental☐ Food aid for families & children
☐ MVT Pastor’s support☐ Family life development
☐ MVT church van☐ Student support
☐ MVT musical instruments☐ Christmas Outreach Ministries
MVT Sports Ministry

Mission Ventures Thailand Church Locations

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