MVT Shine News 26
September 2022

MVT Shine News 26 happenings

MVT Shine News 26

MVT Shine News 26

MVT Shine News 26

Open home for the street children Dannok, Southern Thailand

Praise God for the dedicated team that goes to the home of sister Noi who has opened her home to reach out to the children from the streets of Dannok every Friday afternoon. Please pray for the team and the children that go there.

Reaching youth with the love of God
Ubon, North-eastern Thailand

MVT would like to thank God for the opportunity to reach out to the school children in Ubon. Praise God! Pastor Somporn and team shared the gospel and gave a talk about the dangers of drugs. Please pray that this ministry will grow and impact the lives of the children for Christ.

Connecting with the youth in the MVT churches,
North-western Thailand

Hallelujah, for this connection and caring through music to the children and young people in both churches.

MVT thanks God for His provision through MVI/CMA/MVA to provide Pastor Decha and Pastor Somkiat with a bike for each of their churches.

Praying these bikes will bless them with their ministries for our Lord Jesus Christ in Thailand.

We thank God for another opportunity to connect with the community in Dannok yesterday. Praise God for His provision of sending people, continuing to partner with us in this ministry.

We are happy to be able to bless 60 needy families and 50 children with food bags and packed food.
All the Glory to God!

Coaching and mentoring in sports by learning and playing together
Songkhla Thailand

Hallelujah! MVT is able to reach out to the young people in Dannok and Chiang Mai through sports. In Dannok and Chiang Mai, MVT has formed football teams (Mission Ventures United): To connect with these young people and provide them a healthy outlet to spend their free time building character and learning team work together. Please pray that through these ministries, their lives will be impacted for Christ through friendship with God’s people, with valuable coaching and mentoring together.

Recently, the team in MV Dannok church participated in a friendly tournament. MV Chiang Mai church also had the opportunity to organize a football tournament with several teams around Chiang Mai taking part.

All praise and glory to God! 5 new churches were planted over the duration of 7 months this year in north-eastern region of Thailand or the Isaan region as it is called.
MVT would like to thank God for His leading and provision.
Our focus this year 2022 is on church planting in north-eastern region of Thailand.
Isaan is Thailand’s largest region. This region has 20 provinces with a population of about 22 million people.
North-east Thailand is one of the most unreached areas in the country. Less than 0.1% of the population in this region profess faith in Christ. There are so few Christians because it’s hard for people to overcome the influence of Buddhist beliefs in the community. It’s their norm. People go to temples and their activities revolve around ‘religion.’ Isaan is rich in cultural standards built off religious influences of Buddhism, Brahmanism, and Animism. This combination results in unique local beliefs and traditions that incorporate worship of the Buddha, nature spirits, and ancestral spirits.

Prayer points for North-eastern Churches Isaan district:

1) To be led by the Spirit of God to minister the salvation message of the love of Jesus in their communities.

2) Power of the evil one to be broken and the scales that blind the people’s eyes be removed.

3) God raises up committed believers and leaders in each of these churches to support the pastors and the ministries as they reach out into their communities.

4) God’s protection upon the believers, pastors and their families.

5) God’s provision for the churches, and provision for families in need in their community. Hallelujah!

☐ MV Thailand General Fund☐ Little Seeds Community Centre
☐ Church Planting & Evangelism☐ School Aid for students in need
☐ MVT land & church buildings☐ Infant needs-milk and nappies
☐ MVT church rental☐ Food aid for families & children
☐ MVT Pastor’s support☐ Family life development
☐ MVT church van☐ Student support
☐ MVT musical instruments☐ Christmas Outreach Ministries
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